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The ‘miracle question’ is a good way to get specific about your goals. Suspend disbelief for a few minutes and answer the questions after reading the following:

“I would like to ask you a question that will let you use your imagination. Suppose tonight… after you finish dinner and go to bed… and go to sleep… a miracle happens while you are sleeping. The miracle that happens is that all the problems that you had previously are now solved.

Since you were sleeping you don’t notice anything. When you wake up in the morning, things will be different. What is different the next morning?”

Pause here and think about everything about your life that is different after the miracle happens.

Dig deeper – what else is different?

Your responses are goals that you might want to work on now that we are back to reality. Highlight or check off any of the changes that you would like to address.

Counseling and Wellness Coaching are great starting places to begin to iron some of these goals out and make some great progress. Click here to read about the counseling and coaching professionals we have available to walk you through these areas of need. Or, Click HERE to get matched with an experienced therapist waiting to speak with you!


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