Meet Your NEW Wellness Coach:

Hi everyone! I’m Jessica, the nutrition and wellness coach at Tampa Counseling Place.

The new year is upon us, and many of us use this time to reflect on the year that has just passed and plan for this year that's to come. The phrase “New Year’s Resolutions” comes to mind.  

As a wellness professional, I am not a fan of that phrase. It has been overused and no longer holds the weight and gravitas that keeps us motivated. Too often people set “New Year's Resolutions” that last about as long as a real Christmas tree – about a month.

In the beginning we are excited and motivated. “This will be the year I finally do that thing I have been wanting to do for a decade!” The excitement carries us for a couple weeks, and then dissipates when the daily grind sets in. As we lose our enthusiasm for our resolutions, one of two things happens: we either shrug our shoulders and let things go for another year, or we begin feeling like a failure.

Neither engenders long term success, so let’s ditch the resolutions.

Last year I decided to reframe this process and instead of resolutions, I set intentions for 2022. The dictionary definition of intention is “a thing intended; an aim or plan.”  Aims and plans are great, but the medical definition of intention is even better. In medicine, intention is “the healing process of a wound.”

Whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, we all have wounds that need to be healed. By setting an intention it allows us to focus our attention on our plan so we can make things happen.

Last year about this time I set intentions for 4 areas of my life: my spirit, my body, my business, and my future. Under each heading I listed 2-4 goals, and while I did not fully achieve all of them, I succeeded in achieving at least 2 in each area.  And the things I did not fully achieve, I at least made headway, and am confident that as I move them into my intentions for 2023 I will succeed in getting closer this year.

As you are looking ahead to 2023, what wounds do you need to heal? If you would like help setting healthy intentions and making the moves that bring you closer to your goals, let’s talk! I am available virtually and in person and would love to help you make 2023 your best, healthiest, and happiest year yet! Feel free to call me at 813-418-3186. 🙂

How to know if a Wellness Coach is for you:

  • Do you have trouble sticking to health-related goals?
  • Do you struggle to keep a calm and positive mindset?
  • Are you always low on energy and motivation?
  • Do you struggle with work-life balance?
  • Do you find it difficult to prioritize your health?
  • Do you want to make healthy changes to your lifestyle but you’re not sure where to start?

If this sounds like you:

Benefits of a Wellness Coach:

1. Enlist in Expert Help 

2. Provide Emotional Support 

3. Hold You Accountable 

4. Help You Gain Clarity 

5. Create a Plan to Reach Your Goals 

6. Gives You Unbiased Input 

More About Your NEW Wellness Coach:

Jessica Tucker,   Wellness Coach, MSCN, CPT

A little bit about me: Hello! I am a Holistic Nutrition Advisor and Certified Personal Trainer. I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and an advanced Personal Trainer Certification. I have worked as a health coach since 2011 and specialize in managing chronic health conditions through a combination of good nutrition, physical exercise and stress management techniques.
How I can help you: I will work with you to optimize your nutrition, to maximize your physical and mental health, and crush your health and wellness goals! Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve your blood sugar, manage any chronic health conditions, or simply feel better - my goal is to help you exercise to be fit, not skinny; eat to fuel your body; and to ignore the haters, doubters and bad influences that discourage you – because you are worth more than you realize!
A glimpse into my life: I enjoy going on motorcycle road trips with my husband, hanging at home with our 3 dogs, reading, cooking and listening to music. Currently, I am rediscovering my favorite pastimes and developing new passions. 

- Holistic Nutrition
- Personal Training
- Chronic health issues
- Stress Management
- Weight Loss

Self-pay rate:
$65 coaching session


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